Landscapes of Western Australia

Bee-hive shaped domes of the Bungle Bungles

Eucalypt contrasts against distinctive beehive-shaped domes. Purnululu Nat. Park, The Kimberley, Western Australia

Sunset over the Bungle Bungle Range

Spinifex grass and Bungle Bungle Range illuminated by late afternoon sun. Kimberleys, Western Australia

Dawn over Piccaninny Gorge

Early morning reflections in waters of Piccaninny Creek. Kimberleys, Western Australia

Full moon over Piccaninny Creek

High cloud and distinctive domes of the Bungle Bungle Range illuminated by full moon. Kimberleys, Western Australia.

Stars over Piccaninny Gorge

Star studded sky illuminates beehive-shaped domes of the Bungle Bungles. Kimberleys, Western Australia

Mitchell Falls

Majestic waterfall cascading over sandstone escarpment of Mitchell Plateau. Kimberleys, Western Australia

Four tiers of Mitchell Falls

Spectacular tiered waterfall carved into the sandstone of the Mitchell Plateau. Kimberleys, Western Australia

Waterfalls and Plunge Pools of Mitchell Falls

Inviting plunge pools of Mitchell Falls contrast sharply against rugged sandstone escarpment. Kimberleys, Western Australia